Maverick Harness

Maverick Harness

Make every walk a breeze with our All Purpose Harnesses! With both front and back d-rings for lead attachment this is the ultimate harness.


These harnesses are the perfect combination of design and functionality. The front clip option encourages your dog to walk next to you without pulling and the alternative back clip can allow more freedom on less structured walks. 


These harnesses are fully adjustable for use while your pup is still growing and easy to put on, simply pop your dog's head through the neck loop and then clip the lower strap around their body behind the front legs so the clips are on your dog's back. You should then have a d-ring on your dog's chest and one on the lower back.

  • Size Guide

    S    24-38cm neck / 32-53cm chest / 1.5cm width
    M   31-50cm neck / 42-69cm chest / 2cm width
    L    40-67cm neck / 62-107cm chest / 2.5cm width

  • Care Instructions

    When cleaning your harness, we always recommend the use of neutral soap. Let it air-dry in the shade and avoid washing it frequently. Rinse after use at the beach.

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$47.25Sale Price